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Oneohtrix Point Never offers up midi files for interpretation

Oneohtrix Point Never has asked his fans to send him music made out of his midi files

Oneohtrix Point Never aka Daniel Lopatin has buried a series of midi sound files in the mysterious Kaoss Edge Official website for his fans to find and use in their own music. Now Lopatin is asking them to send their tracks back to him so they can be eventually shared in an archive. These files were originally hidden in the depths of his official website to preview his new album Garden Of Delete, which will be released on 13 November by Warp. People can download all the files here and email music made with them to

Lopatin has also announced a Oneohtrix Point Never tour of North America, Europe and Japan by a line-up featuring Nate Boyce on guitars and Lopatin on vocals. More information can be found here.