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Property from the Estate of Frank and Gail Zappa to be auctioned

Items from Frank and Gail Zappa’s Laurel Canyon home go up for grabs in November

Julien’s auction house is set to sell property from the Estate of Frank and Gail Zappa as part of its Icons & Idols: Rock ’N’ Roll sale in November. The auction opens just over a year after Gail Zappa's death on 7 October 2015.

In 1967, Frank and Gail purchased a home in Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles, California, which later housed Zappa’s Utility Muffin Research Kitchen studio. Photos of the property reveal it to be a densely filled trinket paradise containing those items now set to be auctioned. They include various white and blue bedroom furnishings, a large colour photograph depicting Larry Flynt as a beggar and signed in black ink "To Frank, can’t help on the project, spent all my money on the sex tapes, Larry", a sheet of Fortaz medication stationery signed in pencil, "To Diva, you give me a rise in my Levy's [sic]! Love, Ron Jeremy”, a scagliola coffee table, water colour paintings, a pair of Southeast Asian tiger masks, items of clothing including a vest that Zappa wore on stage and on the back cover of his 1972 album Waka Jawaka, the ukulele featured on the Thing-Fish album cover, various awards, and much more.

You can check everything in the lot over at Julien's. The auction starts on 4 November, 2016.