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Oral history of Berlin Techno published in German

Earlier this month German publishing house Surkhamp released an oral history of Berlin Techno by Felix Denk (editor of Zitty) and Sven von Thülen (DJ and editor of De:Bug). The Sound of Family: Berlin, Techno And The Reunification (original title Der Klang der Familie. Berlin, Techno Und Die Wende) covers the emergence of Techno and the club scene in Berlin after the wall came down. It includes transcripts of interviews with Juan Atkins, Mike Banks, Danielle De Piciotto, Alec Empire, Mark Ernestus, Thomas Fehlmann, Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Ron Murphy, Wolfgang Tillmans, Paul Van Dyke and others.

The catch is that the book doesn't currently have a UK or US publisher, meaning there's no English translation from the German original yet. German speakers can read an extract here.