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Ruf Dug teams up with Rhythm Section Int’l on new record

Released on 26 April, it features label boss Bradley Zero on vocals

Ruf Dug Presents: The Committee is released this week. A collaboration between Ruf Dug and Rhythm Section Int’l, the record is the product of a chance encounter back in 2012. Calling themselves a fictional band, the project features DJ and producer Ruf Dug and has vocals from label founder Bradley Zero, Chris Watson, Natalie Wildgoose, Sienna Mustafa and Nadina. Produced by Mali Baden ­Powell, it was recorded over a two week residency, making it the first record to be created entirely in the South East London label’s studio.

“Authorship is a strange concept at the best of times but this genuinely is a group effort and I very much enjoyed feeling like just one piece of a larger entity ­– the complete opposite to my usual production experience of being all alone in my room for days at a time,” says Ruf Dug. “I had been joking with Bradley that he needed to be on the record somehow and he did appear, playing an egg shaker at one point, but his singing wasn’t in the least bit planned... I got back from lunch, and the next thing you know he just starts singing... So I dragged him reluctantly down the corridor [to the studio] and that’s it, now he’s a pop star!”

Ruf Dug Presents: The Committee is released on 26 April. Check out the video for “Down 2 It” below.