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Pauline Oliveros's Tudorfest 1964 released on CD

At the end of March of 1964, the same year that Terry Riley's In C was performed for the first time, Pauline Oliveros held Tudorfest. Named for its curator, David Tudor, work by both Oliveros and Tudor, and John Cage was performed alongside others from the San Francisco Tape Music Center, including Morton Subotnik, Alvin Lucier, and Toshi Ichiyanagi. Now, recordings from Tudorfest have resurfaced via Mills College, and are being released as a 3CD set by New World Records.

Oliveros said: "At the time, in 1964, arguments about John Cage were raging in academia around the Bay Area, but we were not hearing the music. I met David Tudor in 1963 at the home of Olive Cowell. We became acquainted and started performing together. I then composed Duo For Accordion And Bandoneon With Possible Mynah Bird Obligato, Seesaw Version. Since I was involved with the San Francisco Tape Music Center we decided to have a festival, that we named Tudorfest."

The tracklisting for the set includes Oliveros’s collaboration with Tudor, Duo For Accordion And Bandoneon And Possible Mynah Bird Obbligato, which involved collaboration with a mynah bird named Ahmed, plus a number of works by John Cage, Toshi Ichiyanagi's Music for Piano No 4, Music for Piano No 4 and Electronic Version.

Oliveros continues: "As we rehearsed the duo, my roommate's mynah bird, Ahmed, was fascinated with our sounds and joined us with his sounds. Ahmed was imitating what we did so instead of trying to shut him up we invited him to play with us. Ahmed did perform. The first performance found him a bit quiet because lights were used that were unfamiliar. He sounded quite well on the second performance."

None of the performances have been previously released, more details are incoming via New World Records.