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NTS goes live in Los Angeles with Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Silent Servant and Henry Rollins among its hosts

London's internet radio station to stream live from its Los Angeles studio every Thursday and Friday

East London's internet radio station NTS has set up a base in Los Angeles, where it will share a space with Warp Records US and Mount Analog record shop. Crowning NTS’s fifth anniversary year, its new US West Coast broadcasting outlet will stream via its channel. “NTS now has permanent studios in London, Manchester and Los Angeles. We also run regular live broadcasts from Shanghai, New York, Berlin, Glasgow, and over 20 other cities worldwide,” says Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura, one of the station's senior staffers and host of its popular TTB show. “The LA studio has been a work in progress for about 12 months. Loads of incredible artists from the US have reached out to us over the last five years wanting to do shows on NTS. Rather than waiting for them to come to London, we decided to pack some sunscreen and go to them. We're very excited about all of the shows, and all the events we're planning stateside...”

NTS’s Los Angeles hosts include Alessandro Cortini, Ashtrejinkins, Astral Plane, Dina J, Peaking Lights, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Negativland, Silent Servant, Henry Rollins, Harriet Brown, Imran Ahmed, P Morris and many more. London will continue to broadcast 24/7 on, with the LA branch going out live every Thursday and Friday on The rest of the week will continuue broadcasting from other cities around the world, as well as running a selection of curated repeats.