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Maja Ratkje documentary crowdfunding editing process

A documentary on Norwegian composer and vocalist Maja Ratkje is crowdfunding completion, titled Voice: Sculpting Sound With Maja Ratkje. The film maker IJ Biermann has been shooting with Ratkje (who was composer in residence at this year's Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival) for four years, and it's his fourth feature film.

Rewards for pledges run from downloads of exclusive footage from the cutting room floor, tickets to the premiere, all the way up to a concert with Ratkje anywhere in Europe. The money raised will be used to pay an editor and sound editor. It will also cover the costs of releasing the film on DVD and for a final trip to Norway to film with Ratkje. Biermann is aiming to raise $15,000, and at time of writing had made just under $3,400. Watch a trailer below, and more details here.

Voice mood trailer 2012 from ijb on Vimeo.