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Gin Satoh photography exhibition happening in London

First London exhibition for Japanese photographer Gin Satoh’s pictures of Tokyo's underground music scene from 1978–86

London photographer Keiko Yoshida has curated a twin exhibition about the Tokyo underground rock scene featuring the photographs of Gin Satoh, to be held at two venues in London from 30 June.

Between 1978–86, Satoh spent thousands of hours at key underground live houses like Minor photographing musicians and artists, including Hadaka No Rallizes, Keiji Haino, Eye’s pre-Boredoms project Hanatarash, Friction, Phew and Tori Kudo, at a time when they were ignored by Japan’s music industry but have since been internationally recognised. He also photographed visiting musicians like Fred Frith, PiL, John Zorn, Arto Lindsay, Einstürzende Neubauten and Die Tödliche Doris. A Satoh book, long out of print, was published in 1986 called GIG: Tokyo Rockers 1978–1986.

The exhibition will take place at London Doomed Gallery (30 June–3 July) and London Cafe Oto (30 June–27 July). To mark their opening, Satoh will appear in conversation with The Wire contributor Alan Cummings and Editor-in-Chief Chris Bohn at Doomed Gallery on 30 June.