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The Museum Of Psychphonics opens in Indianapolis

The museum features a selection of oddities including the only remaining original Parliament Funkadelic Baby Mothership

The Museum Of Psychphonics is a new collection of musical curiosities and paranormal ephemera in Indianapolis. Located within the city’s Joyful Noise Recordings shop, the museum brings together a selection of oddities, mysteries and “ephemeral evidence of psychphonic activity pulsating at the edges of our society”, and includes the only remaining original Parliament Funkadelic Baby Mothership, along with a collection of sacred dirt samples from around the world. The museum also features site-specific compositions which are constantly playing, and a series of playlists inspired by the collection, which are set to land in Spotify soon.

“There are two musical components to the museum’s soundtrack,” explains Benjamin Blevins, co-founder of the shop and periodicals archive PRINTtEXT, who helped the museum's founder Michael Kaufmann set up the collection. “One: site-specific compositions commissioned for the museum; and two: a series of playlists inspired by pieces within the museum. Several of these tracks were featured on a recent radio interview with Kaufmann and Kipp Normand, the artist who created the museum’s interior layout.

“The pieces commissioned for the museum,” continues Blevin, “are always playing in the museum, from speakers hidden on either side of the original baby mothership from Parliament/Funkadelic’s concerts.”

He adds, “In addition to the compositions, we produced a zine that features writing from 12 authors, covering everything from Sun Ra's Afrofuturism and Parliament to Elvis, Pythagoras and the birth of the blues on Indiana Avenue.“

This summer the museum will also be launching a series of quarterly events. You can listen to some of the museum's soundtracks on Soundcloud below.