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Fundraiser to record James Tenney's Changes: 64 Studies For 6 Harps

Adrian Tenney, the daughter of the late composer, is raising money to put Changes: 64 Studies for 6 Harps to record for the first time

Adrian Tenney has started a crowdfunding campaign to record a previously unrealised composition by James Tenney. One of several that remained unrecorded at the time of the composer's death in 2006, the piece is now destined for a debut performance on 11 November at The Box in Los Angeles, followed by a recording session a few weeks later, though money for the latter still needs to be raised.

“This performance, and the 50 hours of rehearsal time necessary for the seven artists to prepare, has already been funded, however, we still need to raise $22,000 to be able to send the musicians into the recording studio very soon after this performance. If we wait any longer to record, we will have to start from scratch, paying the artists for 50 hours of rehearsal time all over again,” confirms Adrian.

The I Ching inspired composition Changes: 64 Studies For 6 Harps was written for six harps tuned a sixth of a semitone apart, explains the fundraiser page. “Much of the piece uses a technique called hocketing which is one of the reasons the piece sounds super interesting,”

CalArts has already granted the musicians access to a free recording studio space from 23–26 November and financial contributions have already come in from SASSAS and the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts, however further funding is now needed for artist fees, hospitality, transport, and the mixing and mastering of the recording.

New World Records will be releasing the album in the form of a 3-CD set in 2018.

Donations are being accepted via