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Funkineven launches Apron TV

Steve Julien launches a TV channel for his label Apron, with the first episode featuring Fatima, DJ Brassfoot and Molinaro

Electronic producer and Apron Records boss Steven Julien has launched a new online TV channel via YouTube called Apron TV. Featuring himself and “super host” Lord Tusk, the chat show set up invites friends of Julien and the label on to the programme, with the first edition featuring Eglo Records's Fatima, NCA label head DJ Brassfoot and Apron Records artist Molinaro. With a focus on Julien's new release Bloodline, it also features three new music videos.

“I've always loved junk TV shows past and present like Channel 4’s The Word, Eurotrash, Public Access, Wayne’s World and Snoop's GGN so my head is full of movie scenes and humour,” he tells us over email. “Everything is very visual for me so it’s only right for me to take this on, I feel very strongly that the electronic music scene doesn’t have enough humour and needs brighting up a lil / not to be so serious all the time.”

Conceived by Julien himself, the final article arrives with help from friends Cieron Magat, Joe Whalley, Sekou Abineri and the aforementioned Dean Blunt collaborator Lord Tusk. It's “half written and the other half improvisation,” he confirms. “Being spontaneous and having a laugh – great thing is we can do whatever in the post production to control the chaos.”

With more episodes (approx 7-8) on the horizon, the series will also be released on VHS with added bonus outtakes.

“My brain never switches off, ideas after ideas – I decided to take this adventure on as I envisioned this highly, I spend my spare time looking at a loads of chat shows on YouTube and feel I can my have my own version for the Apron Records gang.”

You can watch the first episode below. Other projects forthcoming on Apron include a new LP “from a super group that drops on 31 July” as well as a new 12" for Julien.