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New form of acne causing bacteria named after Frank Zappa

Hot rats, it's them or us! Sounding like something you might pick up in 200 Motels, a new strain of acne causing bacteria has been discovered and named P Acnes Zappae by long time Zappa fan and Italian microbiologist Andrea Campisano. P Acnes Zappae is a unique strain of bacteria able to move between humans and grapevines, the first time that a micro-organism has been found to transmit between people and plants.

In other Zappa news: a book detailing the Mothers's man's vinyl singles has been published. The author, Dieter Jakob, has compiled images of every single, plus promotional releases, acetates and test pressings across the 530 pages of Vinyl Is Not Dead It Just Smells Funny.

[HT: Classicalite]


That guy is a stupid. What kind of "fan" would name that shit after Frank?!

I hope he's consumed by this acne till kingdom come.

Maybe the reference is that like acne, Zappa change the face of music...!!!

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