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120 years of feedback

Event celebrating 120 years since the patenting of a device made to produce sound using feedback

Celebrating the 120th anniversary of the electrical engineer Alfred Graham’s 1894 patent “A New or Improved Method and Means of Producing Sound” Resonance FM is hosting a night of feedback performances at London’s Café Oto.

Founder of British manufacturers Alfred Graham & Company, Graham is said to have discovered the feedback technique while he was experimenting with telephones. In his patent application, Graham outlined how to shift timbre and tone in the production of feedback – creating a sound that is potentially musical.

Working with Graham’s concept and using homemade electronics, artists on the lineup include Knut Aufermann, Xentos 'Fray' Bentos, Lu Edmonds, Moshi Honen, Hans W Koch, Sarah Washington and Daniel Wilson

Feedback – 120th Anniversary Concert will take place 8 December, 8pm, Café Oto. More information here.