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Peacefrog's Pete Hutchison starting new label

Label head at Peacefrog records, Pete Hutchison, is starting a new label this November called The Electric Recording Company, for vinyl reissues of recordings from the EMI/Columbia back catalogue. The recordings date from between the 1950s to the mid-70s, and are mainly classical recordings that demand enormous sums at collectors auctions.

The first on the release schedule is a batch of three LPs by violinist Johanna Martzy, a Hungarian violinist who recorded as a soloist and spent some time with the New York Philharmonic. She died age 54 in 1979, having not recorded music for years, and her fame was largely posthumous, generated by the success of the solo Bach violin sonatas Hutchison is reissuing, which are scheduled to arrive in November.

Hutchison has licensed around 80 recordings from the EMI/Columbia catalogue, and is also planning to release recordings by violinists Leonid Kogan and Geoconda De Vito, pianists Yvonne Lefébure and Germaine Thysses-Valentin and cellist Janos Starker. The vinyl has been re-cut from original reel-to-reel masters on restored 1950s lathe cutters, and artwork has been recreated using 1950s and 60s printing techniques. Sign up for more details here, and watch a short film on the label below.

The Electric Recording Company #1 from FourthFlightFilms on Vimeo.