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Takehisa Kosugi solo exhibition at Ikon gallery

Ikon gallery host a solo exhibition by Japanese composer and artist Takehisa Kosugi

A solo exhibition of works by Japanese composer and artist Takehisa Kosugi is happening at Ikon gallery in Birmingham, UK. Called Spacings, it features three sound installations, one of them made especially for Ikon. A composer, improvisor and violinist, Kosugi has been a key figure in the Japanese avant garde scene since the late 1950s. He formed Japan’s first improv collective Ongaku in 1958, and in the early 1970s he led Taj Mahal Travelers. He has since collaborated with Fluxus, John Cage and Sonic Youth, among others, as well as acting as composer for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company.

The Spacings works include Mano-dharma, Electronic (1967), in which Kosugi draws sounds from inaudible waves, and Interspersion For Light And Sound (2000), which investigates accidental encounters and invisible sound sources.

Spacings is at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK, until 27 September. More information can be found here.