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Tottenham The Cause celebrates one year and £20,000 raised for charities Calm and Mind

Party featuring 12 secret special guests takes place on 26 May

North London DIY dance space The Cause celebrates one year in action this month and a total of £20,000 raised for its charity partners Calm and Mind in Haringey, nearly hitting its £25,000 target originally set to be reached in three months time,

To mark the event they'll be hosting XXX Block Party from midday–6am, starting on 26 May. 12 acts on the line up will be kept secret, while others include Shay, Kyle Monologue & Fiscal Cliff, Dom Chung, Frank Hawkes, Spokenn, Manalou, Carcosa, Ikävä Pii, Sam Don, Mikey Sibson, Elevator East Residents, Grainger, Tokyo Fantasy, Appetite, Balls Deep, Paddy Galvin, Fat Shit, Medallion Man and Colder Tech Support.

The Cause’s co-founder Eugene Wild explains the reasoning behind not announcing some of the acts. “There’s a whole load of reasons as to why we’ve kept this under wraps. Primarily we’re 100% DIY. We do most things ourselves at the club, with a very small team.

“Keeping headliners under wraps also gives us flexibility. We are a small independent venue and there is no way we can afford to stack the line-up like we have. There's a lot of amazing artists playing within a 50 mile radius of our space, so we can save costs, save logistics and stack the line-up. Flights from Chicago, Romania and Germany aren't cheap.

”We hope this model will keep us financially stable during our final furlong. We’re due to close in January. If in the unlikely event we last longer, we will be running on very minimal notice, unable to book headliners months in advance. We hope this show will lay the foundations for the end of our first chapter, however prolonged this may or may not be.”

Tickets are available from Resident Advisor.