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Grime instrumental London to Addis released by No Hats No Hoods

Featuring tracks by Dexplicit, Ignorants, J Beatz, Proc Fiskal and JT The Goon, the label shares one of its tracks “Hyenas Of Harar” by Shudan

A new compilation on No Hats No Hoods fuses Grime instrumentals with traditional Ethiopian instruments, scales and time signatures.

Artists on the release include Dexplicit, Ignorants, J Beatz, TC4, JT The Goon, Wize, Shudan, Proc Fiskal and Captain Over. Recorded over a week in Addis Ababa, the four instruments heard across the release are a single-stringed fiddle called the masinko, a five-stringed lyre called the krar, a bamboo flute known as the washint, and a selection of drums. Also featured are traditional vocalists.

“My favourite instrument to work with was the washint, as Ermias Nadew plays with a real freedom” explains Dexplicit. “The challenge for making my track was keeping this vibe and freedom whilst making it fit with a 140bpm Grime track which I really enjoyed”

The release is the first part of No Hats No Hoods Ethiopiyawi Meets Grime collaboration with Ethiopian Records that was awarded a new Art new Audiences (nAnA) grant from the British Council in 2017. Coming up as part of the project is a live performance in Addis Abba, a documentary, freestyles and vocal projects featuring Kenyan, Ethiopian and UK musicians.

From 25 February, parts of the recording sessions will be made available to download for the purpose of making new tracks. Four additional bonus tracks from the project will be made available on the No Hats No Hoods Bandcamp. The release is out on 14 March.

Listen to Shudan “Hyenas Of Harar”.