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New Jon Rafman and Oneohtrix Point Never videos for Zabludowicz Collection exhibition

New Jon Rafman and Oneohtrix Point Never videos for Zabludowicz Collection exhibition

Following on from the heartbreaking and NSFW trail of greasy-keyboard squalor, molested stuffed animals and online hentai porn of their 2013 video, Still life (Beta Male), Canadian artist Jon Rafman and Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never are now back with another set of videos mining the slimy guts of the internet.

The new videos were co-produced by Warp and commissioned by the Zabludowicz Collection as part of Rafman's first solo UK exhibition. Rafman's work explores themes of digital loss and virtuality through video collages of text, images and all of the sparkling detritus that the internet can barf up.

Sticky Drama-Music Video, set to the track of the same name from 0PN's Garden of Delete album, follows a group of children as they chase, message, and maim each other within a multiplayer fantasy gaming world. Playing dungeonmaster is a sentient slimeball studded with a tamagotchi screen and a stream of LEDs that scrolls memento mori messages.

A second video, Sticky Drama-Prologue, sets out some of the first film's backstory in context: in her suburban bedroom, a girl wearing a dress made of CDs and a candy-raver hairstyle asks the slimeball (pulsating in a bell jar on her desk, like Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) to describe its earliest memories. These hark back to a teenage boy with an old-school brick phone, buried under Fangoria magazines – later shown blowing off a meeting with friends to make out with the slimeball in the bath. In both videos, day-glo chunky ooze, latex lesions and viscera spew from all surfaces, online and off: nowhere is safe from decay.

The exhibition also includes the interactive maze installation Sculpture Garden (Hedge Maze 2015), which visitors navigate using Oculus Rift headgear.

Jon Rafman is at the Zabludowicz Collection until 20 December.