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David Toop donates interview tapes to British Library

David Toop has donated his collection of interview tapes dating back to the early 80s to the British Library's Sound Archive. The collection of cassettes, Minidisk and digital recordings run to around 270 interviews, some over 90 minutes, with musicians, authors, publishers, comedians, film directors, soundtrack composers, and sportsmen.

Subjects run from David Lynch to Sun Ra, Kate Bush to Erik Sykes, John Zorn to Luther Vandross, and more, and there are multiple interviews with Janet Jackson, Kraftwerk and John Barry. The B's alone include boxer Nigel Benn, Bros and John Butcher.

Toop approached the British Library with the tapes, and says: "Through necessity I'm having to slim down my possessions and archive prior to a move… From my own perspective I just want to feel that they are safe and potentially useful. There's a danger that such collections turn into a burden and hence end up in a skip."

The interviews will now be processed and digitised by the British Library, and will eventually be available via the library's Sound Archive.