The Wire


Wire Tapper 40 Mix

DJ Mixsoup gets in the mix with The Wire's longrunning compilation series

In celebration of The Wire Tapper series reaching 40 volumes since the first compilation arrived with issue 170 in April 1998, Berlin based DJ Mixsoup has decided to make a mega mix containing 32 tracks spanning the entirety of the collection.

“I deciced a few weeks back to take the opportunity of the release of Wire Tapper 40 to put together a mix based on selection from Wire Tapper tracks,” says the DJ. “It goes for me for The Wire Tapper compilations as for the Wire magazine itself, I hardly know ten per cent of what’s in it but that’s what’s it’s all about, right? [...] 32 tracks & 70 minutes later, here is the result.”

The mix comes via Music Is My Sanctuary, where the tracklist is also available

Wire Tapper 40 is available on the cover of every copy of issue 387, and subscribers to the magazine can download every volume since Tapper 25.