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Ergo Phizmiz is raising money for The United Kingdom Of Earth: A Brexit Opera

Previously called The Happy Breed, this new opera sets to “poke fun at ourselves, our values, and our history”

Dominic Robertson aka Ergo Phizmiz has written an opera about Brexit. Originally titled The Happy Breed, the now called The United Kingdom of Earth: A Brexit Opera, plans to make its UK premiere this July. A Crowdfunder campaign has been set up to help with costs of travel, accommodation, production and marketing.

“Around five years after departing the European Union, Britain finds itself alone in a world otherwise scorched by some massive nuclear misunderstanding,” reads the synopsis. “The United Kingdom Of Earth uses song, speech and music to paint a picture of a completely isolated Britain, what lies therein, and what lurks beneath."

“The aim of That Happy Breed [sic],” says Robertson, “is not to please anyone on either side of the Brexit argument, but rather to question and poke fun at ourselves, our values, and our history. At times like this, provocative art has the capacity to unite people!”

The opera will be performed by a rotating cast, sourced from the local community of the area where the performance will take place.

Originally a production of the Worm Avant Garde Institute in Rotterdam, the show was premiered at their Ubik Theatre last November. In light of the performance at Glasgow's CCA being postponed due to funding difficulties, the London performance will be the first UK show. It will happen on 26 July at Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival.

At the time of writing, Robertson is looking for people to fill some of the remaining roles. Information can be found via the Crowdfunder page.