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AGF, Barbara Morgenstern and John Zorn among those contributing to Mischa Kuball's res·o·nant

Taking place at Berlin's Jewish Museum until 2019, the exhibition invites artists to contribute 60 seconds of sound

Mischa Kuball's new light and sound installation res·o·nant will open on 17 November at the Jewish Museum Berlin. Running until summer 2019 (exact date yet to be confirmed), the Düsseldorf conceptual artist has created an immersive environment in the Rafael Roth Gallery, in the lower ground floor of the Libeskind building, covering a floor space of more than 350 square meters, and incorporating two of the museum's five vertical voids.

The space will feature stroboscopic pulsating lights and several loudspeakers playing 60 second long sound snippets, or what the artist has called Skits, composed specifically for the exhibition by a wide range of artists. These include: John Zorn, Roedelius, Thomas Fehlmann, Heiner Goebbels, Frank Bretschneider, Monika Werkstatt members (including AGF, Morgenstern, Beate Bartel, Danielle de Picciotto, Gudrun Gut, Islaja, Lucrecia Dalt, Pilocka Krach and Sonae), Ihor Holubizky, Kurt Dahlke aka Pyrolator, Pamela Z, Dee C’rell, Andrew Pekler, Thomas Klein, Minou Oram, Midori Hirano, Anja Penne, Krzysztof Honowski and many others.

A call out for new works will also open on 16 November, allowing other artists to submit new pieces for inclusion. The deadline is 31 January 2018. As well as that, various interventions are planned in several spaces throughout the city of Berlin.

More information can be found on the website.