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1000 year long piece Longplayer crowdfunding 1000 minute vocal version

Jem Finer's 1000 year long piece of music, Longplayer, has a Kickstarter campaign running to fund a choral version of the piece which will be performed by 240 singers and will last over 16 hours. The piece has been playing since 1999 and five years ago a fragment of the work was performed at The Roundhouse London on 234 Tibetan singing bowls. Early try outs for the choir took place earlier this year in Manchester and last month the piece was staged as a work in progress in London.

There currently exists a 1000 second vocal version of Longplayer, and the Kickstarter will go towards developing the score, recruiting singers and rehearsing the 1000 minute long piece.

[Please note: the Longplayer Twitter feed reports that they have now funded the project]