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Black Spirituals release new album on Sige

Black Access / Black Axes will be the last time Zachary James Watkins and Marshall Trammell release as Black Spirituals

Black Spirituals are set to release a new album on Aaron Turner's SIGE record label. Following on from their 2016 cassette full length Black Treatment (also on SIGE), Black Access / Black Axes will be Zachary James Watkins and Marshall Trammell's last release as a duo before they move on to solo endeavours.

“True to name, Black Spirituals evoke and produce a Black spirituality in the sonorous tradition of Black flight calling us to follow the North Star and any and all other pathways to freedom,” says writer Zoe Samudzi. “It’s the choreographed and synergistic spontaneity and improvisation with clear inspirations drawn from jazz traditions, indigenous African drumming, and anti/de-colonial musico-theological and ritualistic traditions across the Afro diaspora; and it’s an expression that constitutes the kind of musical fugitivity most organically and innately produced by Black Americans in our “post-emancipation” captive state.”

Black Access / Black Axes is released on 6 July. You can watch a live improvised performance at Switchboard festival in 2015 below.

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