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Primary Information release postcards inspired by resistance to the Trump administration

Card series includes designs by C Spencer Yeh and Christine Sun Kim

Ten new postcards have been released by Primary Information as part of their ongoing series inspired by resistance to the current Trump Administration. The last batch came from Tauba Auerbach, Kevin Beasley, AK Burns, Oto Gillen, Christine Sun Kim, Sara Magenheimer, Marilyn Minter, Jeanette Mundt, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Trevor Shimizu, Jason Simon, Joshua Smith, and Dena Yago. The second round has just been launched with participating artists Lutz Bacher, Sharon Hayes, Jonathan Horowitz, Marc Hundley, Kayode Ojo, Paul Ramírez Jonas, Aïda Ruilova, Aram Saroyan, Stewart Uoo and C Spencer Yeh.

“Primary Information has been producing artists' books for ten years and part of our mission has been to continue the tradition begun in the 1960s of creating a space and form for art to be distributed into the world beyond our cultural capitals,” reads a statement from the publisher. “Postcards have long been a part of that tradition, with artists engaging with the form for well over 50 years now. While we see this project as a continuation of that very important tradition, we also see the need to double down on this form as a political space embedded with the urgency, diversity and complexity of voices that are the hallmark of our times. Who better to do this than artists?”

All postcards are priced at $1.00 and measure four by six inches, with the next batch available in mid-July. They will then continue on monthly, for an unspecified time.