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King Midas Sound share single from forthcoming album

Now-duo release Solitude on Valentine's Day on Cosmo Rhythmatic

King Midas Sound have announced their return in the form of the original line up of Roger Robinson and Kevin Martin, minus Kiki Hitomi. Solitude is a meditation on loss; a spoken word tale written by Robinson about the sudden departure of a partner from a relationship, and features sound and production by Martin. Artwork for the album is by Japanese photographer Daisuke Yokota. It's out on 14 February via Cosmo Rhythmatic and marks the group's first release since the Fennesz collaboration Edition 1 was released on Ninja Tune in 2015.

Listen to the lead track “You Disappear”.

Spencer Clark premieres new album Avatar Blue

His new Star Searchers release beats Hollywood to it in a speculative take on the long-awaited Avatar 2 film

Spencer Clark will take over Antwerp’s Het Bos Gallery in March to premiere his new Star Searchers album Avatar Blue. Acting as a speculative sequel to James Cameron's 2009 Avatar film (Avatar 2 has a US release date of 18 December 2020), the artist hopes to inject some positivity into the world of Hollywood via his statement and gesture to the personal power of what he calls the “Imagineers”.

The event will take the form of an installation highlighting some of Hollywood's most infamous special effects pursuits, as seen in films such as TC 2000, Hologram Man, Robocop 2, The Abyss and more. The final evening will feature interpretations of Avatar Blue's world by James Ferraro, Francesco Cavaliere and Lieven Martens Moana, along with a performance from Clark himself.

Avatar Blue will run from 20–23 March at Het Bos in Antwerp.

Nkisi in residence at Cafe Oto

Her Ngbaduma series will explore the psycho-acoustic properties of rhythm

Between 1–3 March Melika Ngombe Kolongo aka Nkisi will take up a three day residency in East London’s Cafe Oto to present Ngbaduma, a series exploring “trance inducing body, acoustic and optical rhythms through collaborative works, invited sonic performances and my own solo sonic presentation”, she comments. “I am interested in how we communicate through rhythm and the importance of also looking at traditional rhythm in their purposes.

“The trance-inducing power obtained by pulsating frequencies has an effect on the brain wave patterns of humans,” she adds. Participants include Nkisi performing solo and in collaboration with John T Gast as Coldwar, Paul Maheke, Aniche Buanda collaborating with CC Tedika, Astrid Gnosis, Primitive Art and a DJ set from Lyzza.

Nkisi’s three day residency is supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

Stephen Malkmus announces release date for Groove Denied

The ex-Pavement guitarist shares new track from his forthcoming electronic album

Stephen Malkmus will release his new album in March. Called Groove Denied, it showcases the former Pavement frontman delving into electronic music for the first time, even as it’s “not a full-blown plunge into EDM or hiptronica”, says his record label Domino. On the contrary, his first solo album since 2001 is full of songs and bleak vocals. “It’s fun to mess with things that you’re not supposed to,” remarks Malkmus.

He has already shared the video to the lead single “Viktor Borgia”, which features a forlorn looking Stephen singing alone in a club. “I was thinking things like Pete Shelley’s “Homosapien”, The Human League, and DIY synth music circa 1982,” says Malkmus, adding “and also about how in the New Wave 80s, these suburban 18-and-over dance clubs were where all the freaks would meet – a sanctuary.”

Time spent in Berlin perhaps inspired the album – Malkmus speaks favourably of his experience of the German capital's club and techno scene. “You can zone out, dance and focus on music,” he says, “or just get wasted!”

Groove Denied is released by Domino on 15 March. Malkmus’s forthcoming tour dates can be found on his website.

Mark Fisher's Ghosts Of My Life: Writings On Depression, Hauntology And Lost Futures published in Japan

Translated by Kentaro Goi as わが人生の幽霊たち:うつ病、憑在論、失われた未来, it’s published by P-Vine/Ele-king Books

The Japanese translation of Ghosts Of My Life: Writings On Depression, Hauntology And Lost Futures by the late Mark Fisher goes into print at the end of January. Originally published by Zero Books in 2014, the Japan edition features extra notes by Mariko Sakamoto, translator of Art Sex Music by Cosey Fanni Tutti, and Tsutomu Noda, author of Black Machine Music: Disco, House And Detroit Techno. It also features an afterword by Hayato Takahashi, a PhD student at Goldsmiths University where Mark taught. Takahashi is currently translating Kodwo Eshun's More Brilliant Than The Sun: Adventures In Sonic Fiction, the publication date of which is still to be announced.

In January 2017 Tokyo's Horinouchi Shuppan published Mark Fisher's 2009 title Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative, translated by Sebastian Breu and Ruri Kawanami.

Ghosts of My Life: Writings On Depression, Hauntology And Lost Futures, Japan edition, will be published by Ele-king Books on 31 January.

Another fatal dose of Die Tödliche Doris

Japanese archive specialists digitise the German punk pranksters’ early records

The Japanese label Suezan Studio is about to reissue West Berlin group Die Tödliche Doris’s 1981 debut 12" Sieben Tödliche Unfälle Im Haushalt (Seven Deadly Accidents Around The Household) and 1982 album " ". Originally released by the pioneering Hamburg independent Zickzack, they’re now being made available in CD format for the first time on 28 January, each of them packaged in mini LP card sleeves with an inset including sleevenotes, lyrics and their Japanese translations. The two CDs are part of a five disc reissue programme chronicling the progress of the dada punk art pranksters, whose name puns on the German for deadly or fatal dose (tödliche Dosis). Coming out in March is a mini-CD edition of Die Tödliche Doris’s 1983 box set Chöre Und Soli (Choirs And Solos), the original version of which featured eight 4" records and a tiny record player of the kind used in speaking dolls to play them on, Suezan’s Doris campaign concludes in May with CD versions of 1985’s Unser Debut (Our Debut) and the following year’s Sechs (Six). The latter two were created as a matching set of albums containing equal length tracks. When played simultaneously, in Doris’s scheme of things, an “invisible fifth LP” materialised. Early birds pre-ordering all five CDs at once who’d like to receive a bonus VHS+DVD-R of the film Doris Meets Doris should hurry, as the offer is extremely limited.

Run by Kaoru Koyanagi, Suezan Studio is an archive specialist label with a deep interest in West Germany’s 1980s alternative music scene – its discography so far includes CD reissues of Der Plan, Pyrolator and their Ata Tak label, Materialschlacht, Din A Testbild, Ralf Dörper’s pre-Propaganda output and Arno Steffen, among others.

In other Die Tödliche Doris news, Berlin’s Hybriden-Verlag has published Kostüme (Costumes), founder Wolfgang Müller’s bilingual monograph plus DVD-R documentation of the many costume changes Doris underwent during her seven year lifespan (1980–87) and afterlife as art object. Kostüme is the latest volume in Hybriden-Verlag’s series chronicling Doris’s manifestations in music, film, performance, and more. The book runs to a limited edition of 120 copies housed in a red tote bag adorned with an Ich Bin Die Tödliche Doris! drawing by West German underground film star, fashion icon and sometime Doris member Tabea Blumenschein.

This Is Not This Heat bow out in May

After reuniting under their modified name three years ago, This Heat’s two surviving members will play their final show together in South London

This Is Not This Heat will perform for the last time on 25 May at South London Deptford’s The Albany. “Moving forward has always been deep inside the music and we need to resolve that contradiction. Now,” remarks drummer Charles Hayward, who originally reunited with his fellow This Heat member, guitarist Charles Bullen, under their modified name for a two night residency at Cafe Oto. Both nights sold out within hours of tickets going on sale. “To play our final London gig at the Albany feels right,” adds Hayward. “This Heat played Rock Against Racism gigs at the old building and we look forward to returning to South London and a vibrant community of resistance and creativity.”

This Is Not This Heat will perform at The Albany on 25 May.

Evelyn Glennie and Roly Porter collaborate on One Day Band 17

Their unusual duo was brought together by the Trestle label’s ongoing project focusing on ad hoc improvising set-ups

The 17th in the series of special One Day Band collaborations brought together percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie and electronic musician Roly Porter. Recorded during a 2018 session at Holy Mountain studios in Hackney, London, it features Glennie improvising on timpani drums, waterphone, small mechanical music boxes, Tibetan singing bowls, cymbals and other percussive instruments,with Porter later rerecording segments of her work, using guitar amps, distortion effects pedals and bowed cymbals.

One Day Band sessions are hosted by Trestle records. Artists are invited into the studio to collaborate for one day only. The earlier session 16 featured Charles Hayward, Chris Sharkey & Jack Wyllie.

Evelyn Glennie & Roly Porter’s One Day Band 17 is released by Trestle on 1 March.

New radio station launches in North London

Founded by former members of the New River studio’s now defunct 199 Radio, the new station will operate out of a venue called The Cause

The new Tottenham based radio station Threads will transmit from the “ethically conscious” events space The Cause. Established by people formerly involved in the now defunct 199 Radio, Threads will run in line with a sister station in Berlin, both of them keeping an eye on local news and issues in their home cities, as as well broadcasting music.

The station will launch on Friday 24 January, announcing itself with a party from 5pm the night before at The Cause. In line with the venue’s ethos, Threads will feature a selection of charity run shows, such as The Hospice Biographers charity, INSPIRE! focusing on young people, and the Bubble Club run by people with learning difficulties and autism. The schedule also includes shows from Chaos Theory, Timothy J Fairplay, Jerome Hill, Liquid Ritual, Loose Lips, Graham Dunning, Ireen Amnes, Faux Naïf, Rommek and Sisu.

The launch event line-up includes Ariadne’s Labyrinth, Colder Tech Support, Daniel John, Fiscal Cliff, Gareth Main, Human Pet, Interrupt featuring MC Natty Campbell, Kyle Monologue, LKF b2b Medallion Man, Marie Malarie, Repeat Beat Poet and Timothy J Fairplay.

Pica Disk to release Reynols box set

The Argentinian cult group are the subject of a new 52 track overview called Minecxio Emanation 1993–2018

Lasse Marhaug's Pica Disk label is about to release Minecxio Emanation 1993–2018, a box set documenting the work of Argentinian group Reynols. Formed in 1993 in Buenos Aires, the free rock trio consisted of Roberto Conlazo, Alan Courtis, and Miguel Tomasín, a drummer with Down's Syndrome described by the group as their “spiritual architect” . “When we talk about Reynols, we have to first talk about Miguel,” Courtis told Chris Moss in The Wire 197. “The simple fact of having Miguel in the band means we cannot do what other bands do.”

Minecxio Emanation barely scratches the surface”, declares Marhaug, which is quite a statement for a release that includes 52 tracks, a documentary, and a booklet of photos, artwork and clippings, as well as a new essay by The Wire contributor Marc Masters. Reynols have been frequently documented in the past, but this set “marks the first time the band has allowed an extensive overview of their work to be made”, states Marhaug.

“Fans of the band will also be happy to learn that most of the material is previously unreleased,” he continues, “including two albums from the early 2000s that were completed but never released.”

Other unreleased works include Reynols’ collaborations with Acid Mother's Temple and Pauline Oliveros.

Reynols’ Minecxio Emanation 1993–2018 is released on 15 February by Pica Disk.