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Lucrecia Dalt shares video for “Edge”

Charlotte Collin and Jonathan Martin’s video is revealed the day before the release of new album Anticlines

Lucrecia Dalt's forthcoming album Anticlines is out tomorrow on RVNG Intl, and to mark the occasion she's released the video to the track “Edge”. A former geotechnical engineer from Colombia now residing in Berlin, Dalt explains to Emily Bick in The Wire 411 that “in an anticline, you have the old strata on the bottom and the new strata on the top, and when an anticline happens, because of the compression on both sides, the strata that is the oldest is coming to the centre and sometimes it can be revealed. I read somewhere that consciousness is the result of matter that has been folded multiple times until interior becomes exterior. So that’s sort of how these ideas get together for me.”

Released on 4 May, Anticlines is Dalt’s sixth album, and her debut on RVNG Intl. The video is by Charlotte Collin and Jonathan Martin, and you can watch it below.

Subscribers can read Emily Bick's article on Dalt via Exact Editions.

Feature length documentary about Can frontman Damo Suzuki

More Can news is announced, as director Michelle Heighway sets up crowdfunding campaign for new film

A new feature length documentary in on the way about Can frontman Damo Suzuki. Directed by Yorkshire based photographer and film maker Michelle Heighway, who directed a portrait of a British eccentric Mr Somebody? back in 2014, Energy: A Documentary About Damo Suzuki reflects on the singer's life as he confronts cancer. Touring for over 20 years, Suzuki was diagnosed in 2014. As well as Suzuki, it stars his wife and carer Elke Morsbach, and features animations of Suzuki's lucid dream world.

“The themes here are music, creativity, human resilience, the mind and the ability to focus, outsider and new age thinking/art and independence,” says Heighway. “This documentary is a wonderful story of hope and survival. It’s a personal portrait of the life and times of a nomad, poet and enigmatic singer on his very inspiring journey.”

The film is marked for release in 2019, with Heighway setting up a crowdfunding campaign to cover costs of post production. Rewards include T-shirts, tote bags, mugs, badges and prints.

Watch the trailer below.

Cera Khin's LazyTapes imprint unleashes first 12"

Marking the second release for 2018, this new one comes from Peder Mannerfelt

Berlin based label LazyTapes has come through with another release for 2018. Run by producer and Noods Radio regular Cera Khin, this new release comes from Peder Mannerfelt, and marks the first vinyl issue for the label. Previous releases include an early 2018 split cassette with Cera Khin & Christoph De Babalon (which The Wire streamed early this year), and last year's Guided Meditation, which had the DJ work with Bristol producer Ossia.

The Screws That Hold The World Together is released on 14 May. It features three tracks, “Shining Beacons Of Light”, “The Toad” and “Every Day Had A Number”. It's available in an edition of 300, hand-stamped and with artwork designed by Patch D Keyes.

Keith Tippett fund set up

The free jazz pianist who has played with everyone from King Crimson to Trevor Watts and Peter Brötzmann is unable to work following a heart attack

Keith Tippett has suffered a heart attack, followed by complications from pneumonia. Although the 71 year old pianist has returned home, he is unable to work for the foreseeable future. Now two funds have been set up to help with living costs.

Hazel Miller of Ogun Records is collecting PayPal donations to be sent to the musician directly; and saxophonist and composer Martin Archer, owner of Discus Music, has offered him all the proceeds from Tippett's 2016 release The Nine Dances Of Patrick O’Gonogon.

“I’ve just come off the phone from speaking to Keith Tippett,” says Archer. "As you have probably seen elsewhere, Keith recently suffered a heart attack followed by some nasty complications. He’s back home and recovering, but it will take time. With Keith’s specific permission I’m adding Discus Music’s support to this initiative.100 percent of any sales will benefit Keith directly and regularly.”

More details on both ways to donate can be found at

New Klaus Dinger film on the horizon

Jacob Frössén directs a film about the Neu! drummer and his botched relationship with a Swedish girl in the summer of 1971

A new film about Neu! and La Düsseldorf's Klaus Dinger is currently in the making. Called Heartbeat – its working title – the film was inspired by a 1990s interview Dinger made with journalist Michael Dee in Pop magazine.

“At the end of the 90s I read an interview in a Swedish magazine with Klaus Dinger where he talked about his Swedish girlfriend whom he met in 1971 and with whom he went on vacation in Sweden the same summer,” explains director Jacob Frössén. “In the interview he also talked about his relation to drumming, and since I’m a drummer myself I was really intrigued. I believe it was the Swedish connection and the fact that they went to a lake near Södertälje (where I have spent many summers) to record the water sounds for “Lieber Honig” and "Im Glück" [both from 1972 debut album Neu!] that fascinated me, and the interview got stuck in mind.”

In Klaus Dinger's home and studio in Zeeland. © Jacob Frössén

Over the last few years Frössén has been travelling, filming and interviewing people inspired by Dinger and his groups, including Iggy Pop, Emma Gaze, Bobby Gillespie, Gudrun Gut and Stephen Morris, among others. Heartbeat features photos, film footage and artwork approved by Miki Yui of the Klaus Dinger Archive and La Düsseldorf member Hans Lampe. The film’s plot is based around the break-up of that 1971 relationship and how it inspired much of his drumming; it also considers where Dinger’s work sits in Germany’s postwar musical landscape and drive for progress.

“I see the film as a dreamy kind of abstract experience and also an attempt to get inside Klaus Dinger’s head for a while,” continues Frössén. “The aim is to make a film about Klaus’s personal history and his view on things. But I guess that in the end it’s a film about life, music and love. Universal themes that most people can relate to.”

Co-produced by Swedish National Television (SVT) and funded by The Malik Bendjelloul Memorial Foundation, the film features Kim Gordon’s voice-overs spoken as its prologue and epilogue. Like its title, its release date is still to be finalised.

One for the birds in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Emma Bennett, Laura Cannell and Hanna Tuulikki interpret bird talk for International Dawn Chorus Day

Birds: A Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park SoundCamp will take place on International Dawn Chorus Day, which this year falls on the first Sunday in May. People are invited to wander through the park while Emma Bennett, Laura Cannell and Hanna Tuulikki perform their interpretations of birdsong through speech, song and instrumentation.

This Soundcamp is part of a network of UK and international sites taking part in the Reveil radio broadcast showcasing events exploring places of acoustic and ecological interest through workshops, performances and presentations.

Happening from noon–2pm on 5 May, the SoundCamp is free to attend, although you need to book ahead. Participants are asked to meet at Soanes Centre, Southern Grove, at midday. The event will also be broadcast live by Reveil Radio.

Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival call for proposals

Artists have been invited to perform at its free-to-attend Shorts series

Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival’s 2018 Shorts series will take place on 19 November. The festival has put a callout for emerging artists across the UK to apply to perform at the event. The proposal, say the organisers, should be for a 20 minute performance of experimental and contemporary music. Applications should include the title and concept of the intended piece, along with all other relevant information, be it duration, technical requirements, and so on.

Sukitoa o Namau, who performed during last year’s Shorts series, commented: “It has been such a nice experience to be part of the 40th edition of hcmf//… It has a truly inspiring programme and vision behind it, involving the audience in today’s sound practices and offering unique listening experiences.”

The deadline for proposals is 21 May. More information can be found on HCMF's website.

Okzharp and Manthe Ribane release their debut album on Hyperdub

The duo share the first single “Dun” from their forthcoming LP Closer Apart

Okzharp and Manthe Ribane’s debut album will be released by Hyperdub on 6 July. Called Closer Apart, Ribane describes it as a “360 turn” and an “expression of my ‘Lady’ side”.

Okzharp is based in London and Ribane in Cape Town. The duo made the album during their recent tour – they started work on it in the studio of film maker Chris Saunders, who had met Okzharp while working on promo videos for LV – Okzharp aka Gerv Gordon’s former project. The film maker is now working on the visuals and stage show for the duo’s new album. Ribane and Okzharp’s previous collaborations include the two Hyperdub EPs Dumela 113 and Tell Your Vision.

About the new album Okzharp says, “Most of the music came out of headphone moments in hotel rooms, planes and airports in the brief periods of time that we spent together, in Paris and later Vienna.” Describing their shared moments in Milan, he continues, “We had a whole free day before our flight so we visited the Salone di Mobile design show. We were so inspired by an installation there just walking around, listening to the amazing soundtrack. That evening our flight was delayed, so we sat on the floor of the airport terminal putting musical ideas down for “Time Machine” on the laptop speakers and writing the lyrics.”

As well as co-producing the record, vocalist, dancer and former Die Antwoord choreographer Ribane collaborated with Saunders on the visual identity for the album.

Listen to the lead single “Dun”.

Grönland reissue David Sylvian & Holger Czukay’s 1980s collaborations

Plight & Premonition (1988) and Flux & Mutability (1989) come back into circulation on 22 June

Grönland Records has announced its plans to reissue two records by David Sylvian and Holger Czukay. The pair met in the early 1980s when Czukay worked on Sylvian’s solo debut Brilliant Trees. They reconvened in 1986 when Sylvian reciprocated by recording a vocal for Czukay's Rome Remains Rome album. However, an impromptu jam led to two further sessions and the recording of their first collaborative album Plight & Premonition.

Commenting about that album and its successor Flux & Mutability, Sylvian said, “A form of music that seemed to have been created while we were absent by instruments abandoned to the earth and the woods, sounded by the coarse winter elements.”

Both records have been fully remastered, with packaging redesigned by Chris Bigg and art direction by Sylvian, plus a previously unseen photo by Yuka Fujii and an essay by David Toop. Note however, that this new version of Plight & Premonition is not the original mix but one done by Sylvian in 2002. They'll be released as double LP and double CD box sets on 22 June.

Next month will also see the publication of All Gates Open: The Story Of Can, by The Wire’s Rob Young and Czukay’s Can colleague Irmin Schmidt. Listen to “Plight (The Spiralling Of Winter Ghosts)” below.

Cadillac reissues gems from its dusty archive

Following the death of founder John Jack, the label will continue to trade with reissues and archival material

Founded in 1973 by John Jack and Mike Westbrook as a means of releasing Westbrook's music, the British jazz label Cadillac grew to release a host of artist including Ken Colyer, Stan Tracey, Frank Lowe, David Murray, Andy Sheppard, the Joe Harriott Quintet, and many others.

Jack died on 7 September 2017, leaving behind a number of unfinished projects for the label, which new label manager Mike Gavin is now set to shine some light on. Cadillac will continue to trade as a label, reissuing out of print recordings and “bringing out never before issued gems from Cadillac’s dusty archive”, it says.

The first new release will be a previously unreleased live session by the Mike Westbrook Concert Band that was recorded 25 May 1968 at London's Ronnie Scott’s in Gerrard Street, Chinatown, which Jack was managing at the time of recording. The recording was the last time a performance would be held at that old venue of Ronnie Scott's, a night that also coincided with Jack's birthday.

Mike Westbrook Concert Band The Last Night At The Old Place is released 60 years later, on 25 May.