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Tusk announce full programme for 2018 including Lea Bertucci and Dale Cornish

The festival takes place at Sage Gateshead between 12 and 14 October

Gateshead's annual festival Tusk has announced all the names to appear on this year's bill. Already announced earlier this year are Terry Riley with son Gyan, Sarah Davachi, Otomo Yoshihide, Konstrukt, 75 Dollar Bill, Ceramic Hobs, Moor Mother's Irreversible Entanglements, Craig Leon, Lucy Railton, Limpe Fuchs, Chaines, and Maâlem Houssam Gania & The Gnawa Of Essaouira. With fresh names added including Lea Bertucci performing both live sets and an upright bass improv performance; Adam Bohman with Lee Patterson, Rajasthan live cinema with Seb Bassleer and Maarten van der Glas; South London’s Dale Cornish, and Baltimorean drone musician Marlo Eggplant. Also added is Manchester quartet Historically Fucked, rarely seen duo Saboteuse, Robert Ridley-Shackleton, Pinnel, and Chow Mwng.

Passes are on sale now from Sage Gateshead. Day tickets will go on sale in early September.

Andrew Pekler soundtracks the lands that time forgot

Online project Phantom Islands creates imaginary soundtracks for mythical sites of maritime history

Sound maps have been a popular format for adventurous sonic projects in recent years, but the latest work from Andrew Pekler puts a radical new spin on the idea. Phantom Islands – A Sonic Atlas is a new interactive website that enables you to browse fictitious, misidentified and rumoured islands from maritime history, alongside the music which Pekler has imagined for them.

The subjects of the project – far-flung places such as Tuanahe, David Land, Morrell Island, spanning multiple oceans – are “islands that had existed on maps but not, as it turned out, in reality”, the Berlin based musician explains over email. “Though a few of them were invented by unscrupulous captains seeking glory (or just further commissions), most phantom islands were unintentional fictions – the results of the imprecise science of navigation, clouds, fog banks and icebergs being mistaken for land, and wishful thinking.” However, many of these imaginary islands were real enough in the minds of navigators and historians to decisively shape the course of maritime history. "Davis Land [was] an island which was claimed to have been discovered by the pirate Edward Davis in 1687 off the west coast of South America,” continues Pekler. “The Dutch West India Company dispatched three ships to the area in 1721 and though unable to find it, they stumbled upon the previously unknown Easter Island. Their visit results in the death of about a dozen islanders and the wounding of many others.” The website enables users to island hop between the 27 entities included in the project – considerably more phantom islands have cropped up throughout maritime history – and read their tangled stories, with a cruise mode that touches down at random locations automatically.

The music Pekler has made creates another level of fictional intrigue. “What all, or most, of the islands have in common is that they are artefacts of the age of European colonial expansion (the age we are living at the tail end of?),” he notes. “And so the islands and their inhabitants were seen and described mainly from the perspective of their potential use value and strategic importance… the picture that emerges is that these non-real places are nevertheless connected with real human (individual and institutional) avarice, cruelty, fallibility and arrogance.”

So the soundtracks that accompany the journey are further filtered through myth and artifice – waves, exotic birds and other exotic ephemera are paired with (imaginary?) woody instruments and peals of gamelan, the sounds looped and arranged into an endless backdrop in the ballpark of Can's Ethnological Forgery Series. “It was mostly a process of matching fragments and sketches I had recorded over the last couple of years to the various islands according to what information I had about them and their location,” says Pekler. “I was interested in building up a network of related, at times overlapping soundworlds... a parallel sound dimension of connections between the phantom islands that would mirror their own plausible yet impossible existence."

It comes at a rich moment for what might be termed imaginary field recordings – music inspired by fictional worlds which nonetheless flirt with scientific or ethnographic methods, such as Rashad Becker’s Traditional Music Of Notional Species series. “The Phantom Islands project works differently because these (non)places are presented and described within the context of the familiar map of our real world,” argues Pekler. “That means that the listener’s/visitor’s prior familiarity (however vague) with music from various parts of the world comes into play in the imagination process. This quasi-collaboration between sound materials, text and listeners’ knowledge/beliefs is how exotica works.”

However, Pekler also notes the danger in taking fictions as inspiration for a sound map. “I wouldn’t want to do this with real places,” he declares. “As I describe above, what I have tried to do with this project is to methodically exoticise non-existent places in order to make visible the process of exoticisation itself... it lets us hopefully see and hear how all exoticas are fictions.”

You can browse the Phantom Islands project at Pekler's website (which requires a recent browser, mobile devices not currently supported). For more about imaginary ethnography you can check out Fourth Worlds: Imaginary Ethnography In Experimental Music And Sound, the exhibition that Phantom Islands was made for.

Semibreve announces full programme including Grouper, RP Boo and DJ Stingray

Semibreve returns to Braga for its 8th edition between 26 and 28 October

Semibreve is back this October for its eighth edition in the Portuguese city Braga. Today they announced their full line-up, with Grouper, Robin Fox, DJ Stingray, RP Boo, Qasim Naqvi and Alfredo Costa Monteiro added to the bill. Sarah Davachi and Laetitia Morais will also be there, premiering a new audiovisual work especially commissioned by the festival.

Also programmed to appear are William Basinski, Jlin, Keith Fullerton Whitman & Pierce Warnecke, Caterina Barbieri, Telectu, and SØS Gunver Ryberg.

This year the Edigma Semibreve Award is also back celebrating creative exploration through new digital technologies. Applications close on 31 July and artists can receive 2500€.

Tickets are available now from 39€.

Fort Process returns to Newhaven with festival-goers set to wander through underground tunnels

The one-day event features Tetsuya Umeda, Max Eastley, Grischa Lichtenberger, Rhys Chatham and more

East Sussex's bi-annual music and arts festival returns to Newhaven Fort this year for one day on 22 September. Punters are promised new immersive artworks in underground tunnels, caverns and old armaments rooms, with musician set to perform on gun emplacements overlooking the sea. Talks and workshops will take place in rooms of the fort grounds.

This year the festival is part of a wider season called Fort Process Dispersion, which also features events in Brighton and London, with confirmed venues including De La Warr Pavilion, Cafe OTO and The Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts.

Artists on the line up for the Newhaven Fort event are Jez riley French & Pheobe riley Law, Tetsuya Umeda, Max Eastley, Alice Eldridge & Chris Kiefer, Jobina Tinnemans, Louise Mackenzie, Ana Gutieszca, Niko Karlsson, Ritual Extra, Tasos Stamou, Aja, Dirk Campbell, Kyoka, Grischa Lichtenberger, Semiconductor, David Thomas Broughton, New Interpretations Orchestra, Ukaea, Ursula Damm, Mark Anderson, Well Hung Game, Map 71, Bell Lungs, Isn'tses, Silence Blossoms, The Larsens, Adam Basanta, Jeph Vanger, Littoral Transmissions, and Copper Sounds, with more yet to be announced.

Fort Process takes place on 22 September, 12–11pm. Tickets are on sale now.

Lonnie Holley shares new video “I Woke Up In A Fucked-Up America”

His new album MITH is out on 21 September via Jagjaguwar

Artist and musician Lonnie Holley has announced a new album set for release via Jagjaguwar on 21 September. Titled MITH, the album was recorded over a five year period in various cities including Porto, Cottage Grove, New York and Atlanta. Contributions on the record come from Laraaji, Nelson Patton, the late producer Richard Swift, Sam Gendel, Shahzad Ismaily, Anna & Elizabeth, and Courtney Hartman.

In 2012 Holley released Just Before Music followed by 2013’s Keeping A Record Of It. MITH is described as a work of “concrete and tears; of dirt and blood; of injustice and hope” with a focus on American politics and movements such as Black Lives Matter. Watch the video for lead single, “I Woke Up In A Fucked-Up America”.

MITH is available for pre-order now. Holley tours the US this July with Animal Collective.

One day festival descends on Yeovil

“Our little west country thing” says Farmer Glitch, will feature live music and experimental art

Hacker Farm's Farmer Glitch has organised a one-day festival in Yeovil, Somerset, touting it as “deep darkest west country at its best!” The event will feature artists either residing or originating from the West Country and will include a pop up museum featuring fanzines and art from the 1970s punk scene – think The Mob and Chesterfields – along with fanzine workshops and various other installations that will be on display in the town throughout September.

Artists announced are Kemper Norton, Ekoplekz, Rainbow Unit, Normal Tea, CukoO, Ubiquitous Meh!, Invisible Eyes, 836, and REEL.

Wyrd Wild West will take place on 22 September with live music happen at RAOB Club from 4pm–12am. More information can be found on their website. A programme of films and talks is still to be announced.

Moor Mother and Paul Purgas to curate Wysing Polyphonic 2018

Planned with a “thread of mysticism and spiritual energy”, this year's bill features Aïsha Devi, Neil Charles & Elaine Mitchener, Caterina Barbieri, AGF Poem Producer and Lafawndah

The ninth edition of Wysing Arts Centre's music festival has been programmed in collaboration with their 2018 artist-in-residence Camae Ayewa aka Moor Mother and long-term friend of the arts space Paul Purgas of Emptyset. The programme, they say, has been built around ideas of hidden energies and mysticism. This will be the second time Wysing director Donna Lynas has worked with an artist on the festival's programme. Last year she invited NON co-founder Melika Ngombe Kolongo aka Nkisi to curate the event.

“When I started thinking about this year’s festival I kept coming back to Fetish Bones [Moor Mother's 2016 release] and thought it would be interesting to speak to Moor Mother (Camae Ayewa) to see how her thinking might be made visible within a music festival format,” explains Lynas.

“The line-up was shared between us all with a collective sense of shaping a programme that could incorporate themes of empowerment, community, ancestry and futurity and consider a wide correlation of disciplines and approaches to the sonic and performative, addressing seen and unseen power and the transformative potential of sound” adds Purgas.

So far announced for the line-up is Aïsha Devi, AGF Poem Producer, DJ Haram, Caterina Barbieri, Ewa Justka, Harrga, Lafawndah, Laraaji, Last Yearz Interesting Negro, Moor Mother, Mutamassik, Poulomi Desai, Phoebe Collings-James, Yatta, Charles-Mitchener (Neil Charles and Elaine Mitchener), Oretha, and Philomene Pirecki

Wysing Polyphonic takes place on 1 September. Tickets are on sale now.

Midori Takada, Lafawndah and Partel Oliva collaborate on Le Renard Bleu

First new music release for Takada in almost twenty years is a cross generational audio visual work

Lafawndah, Midori Takada and Partel Oliva have collaborated on a new project Le Renard Bleu. Marking the first time in nearly twenty years that Takada has released new music, the project grew out of a preoccupation the Japanese percussionist had with the legend of the blue fox, with a new composition comprising of waterphone, bells, marimba and drums. Lafawndah bought the melody and lyrics to the table, with Partel Oliva imagining the cinematic frame for the myth.

Created in partnership with Kenzo, Le Renard Bleu was recorded and filmed in Tokyo in April 2018. The film's album version will be released in physical format on 10 August via !K7. You can watch the video below.

Midori Takada appeared in The Wire 399, with 1983's Through The Looking Glass reissued last year by WRWTFWW.

OUT.FEST releases 100 early bird tickets

15th edition of Barreiro's International Exploratory Music Festival will take place this October

Portuguese festival OUT.FEST has announced the first set of artists to perform at this year's event across Barreiro in Lisbon's south bay. Happening on 5 and 6 October, this year will make for its 15th edition, with 100 early bird global passes available now for just 15€.

Artists announced are Fret aka Mick Harris, Group A, HHY & The Macumbas, João Pais Filipe, Lea Bertucci, Linn Da Quebrada, Lotic, and reclusive Portuguese guitar player Ricardo Rocha.

More artists are still to be announced.

Chino Amobi shares 15 minute video Welcome To Paradiso (City In The Sea)

The new work was directed by musician Rick Farin aka Eaves

NON Worldwide co-founder Chino Amobi and UNO NYC have shared the debut video for Amobi's 2017 LP Paradiso. Director and edited by album collaborator Rick Farin, with co-direction from Amobi, the 15 minute film comes ahead of Amobi's performance at New York's Elsewhere on 19 July.

"The film and its characters are inspired by The Global South, Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden Of Earthly Delights, Timothy Morton’s theories regarding hyperobjects and dark ecology after the end of the world, my experiences traveling and touring globally, Square Enix, Xanadu (Citizen Kane), and the poetry of Elysia Crampton,” says the artist.

“The spirit of Global freedom is to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to the Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sport, bells, bonfires, sacrament and illuminations, by Non Citizens from one end of this world to the other, from this time forward forever more.”

The film features a selection of tracks from Amobi's debut album Paradiso, which in order of appearance are: “Law I (The City In The Sea)” with Elysia Crampton, “White Mætal” with Johnny Utterback, “Gænova” with Dutch E Germ, “The Floating World Pt I” with Dutch E Germ, “Blood Of The Covenant”, “Paradiso” with Dutch E Germ, Faka, 1010 Benja Sl, Therochelle Moore, Rena Anakwe, and Aurel Haize Odogbo, “Kollaps” with Elysia Crampton, Flse Prpht, and Poozy, “Dixie Shrine” with Lee Jones, “Law V (City In The Sea)” with Faka, “Radical Zero” with Jesse Hlebo, “Law III (Adam)” with Dutch E Germ and Elysia Crampton.

You can stream the full album in The Wire's audio section.