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Sound In Context online

New documentary on sound art is now online with contributions from artist Seth Cluett, curator Benedict Drew, Arika's Barry Esson, The Wire's Anne Hilde Neset, Richard Whitelaw of Sonic Arts Network and others

Sound in Context is a short documentary exploring the unique practice of sound within the visual arts world. Through conversations with a number of key art institutions/galleries, artists and curators working with sound in the UK and abroad, Sound in Context allows practitioners to discuss some of the issues of presenting and exhibiting sound in the gallery and contemporary art domain. View full video here.

Live Connections: PRS funds for live electronic music

The foundation of the royalty collecting society offers up funds for live electronic music...

PRS Foundation, the new music promotion and funding wing of the the Performing Rights Society (a royalty collection society acting on behalf of UK songwriters, composers and music publishers) has announced that funds are available to be distributed amongst artists who perform live electronic music. Live Connections is a scheme which offers funds towards one-off live performances of electronic music, looking for proposals "that demonstrate innovation in the live presentation of the music: for instance, in the use of unusual venues, a strong visual presentation or new methods of performing live." Applicants should be UK based acts (individuals or groups) who create their own music and are looking to perform projects during 2010. Click here for more information.

Instant Chavirés petition against funding cuts

A petition to campaign against funding cuts to the Paris venue

Paris's Instant Chavirés venue, which was one of the host venues for The Wire's 20th anniversary concert series in 2002, has had to cancel its autumn season of events as a result of having much of it's funding cut. The venue has launched an online petition to campaign against the cuts. More information here and you can sign the petition here.

Peanut Butter Wolf's 45 Live

Stones Throw label boss Peanut Butter Wolf mixes it up...

Stones Throw label boss Peanut Butter Wolf has created a mix in conjunction with the launch of new boutique label Five Day Weekend. 45 Live is a 19 track voyage through the archives of labels such as Enjoy, Sleeping Bag, Fresh, Cold Chillin, Strong City, Nia and Idlers, about which Mr Wolf says "As a kid growing up in San Jose, CA when all this stuff was coming out, I was hooked and half a lifetime later I still am." The box set collection of 7" vinyls are to be released 21 September. Click here for more info on the release and a track-by-track breakdown by Mr Wolf himself.

Media Art Bath presents Staging Sound 2.0

Experimental and DIY sound and music-making in Bath...

Media Art Bath presents Staging Sound 2.0, an exploration of new artistic activities which use DIY methods to produce, record and broadcast sound art and music and its relationship with the internet in sharing music and ideas. The hands-on programme focuses on three strands of DIY sound production: 'Field', 'Scavenged' and 'Homemade' featuring citywide Guerilla Busking, sonic infiltrations along with a new work by artist Matthew Olden amongst other events open to the public to participate in. Bath City Centre, 29 August, free.

Into The Vortex tickets on sale now!

Get your tickets now...

The Wire presents Into The Vortex, a three day festival (9-11 October) featuring some of the best music out there curated by The Wire and hosted by London's excellent Vortex Jazz Club. Regular tickets are available at £12 a night or £30 for the entire weekend here. But, if you're a subscriber to The Wire, we've organised an exclusive discount of £10 a night or £25 for the weekend! Click here if you're a subscriber to get your discounted tickets (Please bring along your subscriber number with you to the event along with your discounted tickets)

Richard Youngs & Heather Leigh Murray
Astral Social Club
The Skaters

The One Ensemble
Band Of Holy Joy
Alasdair Roberts

Broadcast (live) & Julian House (Ghost Box) (film)
The Caretaker
Thomas Ankersmit

All of this + The Wire Sound System DJs spinning selections of the best new sounds out there!

Sonic Ecosystem

An installation at London's Shunt vaults

Electronic musician, programmer, researcher and one half of Leaf laptoppers Icarus presents an installation of a "sonic ecosystem model of the artificial evolution and diversification of a population of sonic agents and their susceptibility to being affected by changes to their environment." London Shunt Vaults, London Bridge, 12-15 August.

Worksong Workshop

A call out for participants to perform their own work songs...

Artists Taryn Takahashi and Hyo Myoung Kim are calling out for people to help with their project about work songs. Participants are asked to visit them at the Primo Alonso gallery space in East London from 12-5PM on weekends throughout August (15-16, 22-23 & 29-30) and perform their interpretation of what a work song is live. Participants may also email their recordings to the artists, more details here.

Resonance FM & the Community Radio Funds budget

A call by London's Resonance FM to support a campaign for greater public investment in community radio...

London's premiere community arts radio station is asking the listening public to lend support to a campaign for greater public investment in community radio. The Community Radio Fund was set up in 2004 with a budget of £500'000 to be distributed amongst 14 community radio broadcasters, but since then the fund has had to support an increased number of over 200 community broadcasters with the same budget. Resonance FM is asking all eligible supporters to sign a petition for a budget increase here.

Subscriber Special: Below The Radar Volume 1

The Wire launches Below The Radar, a major new series of free download compilations

With the September 2009 issue, The Wire has launched Below The Radar, a major new series of free download compilations made available exclusively to all the magazine's subscribers worldwide.

Compiled and produced by The Wire staff, each volume of Below The Radar will act as a showcase for all manner of underground, outsider and experimental sounds.

Below The Radar Volume 1, released to subscribers via the carrier sheet accompanying their September issue, features new or exclusive tracks by: Concern, Starving Weirdos, Harappian Night Recordings, Dredd Foole & Ed Yazijian, Mark Wastell, James Ferraro, Uton, Ghedalia Tazartes, Richard Skelton, Brian Morant, Sudden Infant, Gareth Davis & Steven R Smith, LSD March, Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides, The Hunter Gracchus, Seymour Wright, and more...

The first volume in the series coincides with the publication of the September 2009 issue. Subsequent volumes will be issued on a quarterly basis.

Here's how it will work: with their copy of the September 2009 issue, all subscribers will be issued with a url for a dedicated Below The Radar webpage, plus a user name and password. Once logged in to the webpage, they will be able to download all the tracks on the compilation. The webpage will also include a set of sleevenotes that will contain biographies and images, links and contact information for all the featured musicians. Logged in subscribers will be able to view the sleevenotes online and/or download them as a pdf file.

To make sure you get access to the first volume of Below The Radar, subscribe now:

NB the second volume of Below The Radar will be made available to subscribers to coincide with the publication of the January 2010 issue of The Wire.